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Poker is in its full bloom now, with millions playing it in the whole world. Today poker is a sport, a combination of money, fashion, the beauty of the game and competition. Poker has already been played by millions of people in the world, and the majority of them treat it as a great form of entertainment. For some of them poker is also the way of living and real sport; those win great money by playing it online, but they also become famous by taking part in the international tournaments. You must have seen a live coverage of poker championships somewhere: the stakes reach thousands of dollars there...

What does the phenomenon of poker stem from? Where did the unbelievable fashion come from? The magic of poker stems from the fact that virtually everyone can play it; everyone has a chance to become a player. Poker is a relatively easy game. It usually takes only 5 minutes to learn its rules. Of course, one needs training in order to become a professional player, but there are no limitations apart from free time and a small sum of money to start with.

You might have already heard about the London taxi driver who won 385.000 pounds and placed himself on the 18th place in the World Series Of Poker championship. He qualified for it by playing the game in one of the Internet poker rooms. There was also Chris Moneymaker, a 27-year old accountant from Tennessee who was first in the competition and won 2,500,000 dollars. Chris took part in the World Series Of Poker because had he played in an Internet competition which had cost him 40$.

Internet and the possibility of playing online are one more cause of poker's phenomenon. Every time of day and night hundreds of thousands of players compete in the Internet casinos and poker rooms, creating a unique and modern sport. What causes that poker fever among the Internet users? Apart from the possibility of winning money, what matters most is great fun, emotions and satisfaction when we win against another person.


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